Why Work with Callawind to Publish Your Own Book?

Working with Callawind to publish your book

We are all about fresh, custom, and affordable book publishing services to help you publish your own book.

Fresh original book designs tailor-made for your project. No generic design templates or DIY online design tools.

Custom book quotes for only the services you need to self publish a book. No confusing preset service packages or complicated pricing.

Affordable color book printing for any size softcover or hardcover coffee table book. No need to compromise your vision.

For more than 20 years, it has been our passion and our privilege to bring manuscripts to life. We know how much time and effort (and sweat and tears!) goes into a book project. That’s why we are all about quality—not quantity—and one-on-one client care.

Our custom book publishing services have helped fundraising organizations, self publishing authors, and businesses to produce beautiful publications. Best of all, you won’t feel like your book is one among thousands getting pushed as quickly as possible through a book publishing factory.

More reasons to choose Callawind for custom book publishing:

  • You are looking to publish a professional, high-quality, bookstore-caliber book with an experienced company.
  • You want superior publishing services at a reasonable price.
  • You want your book cover and interior to be original designs—to reflect your vision and your book’s theme—not “cookie-cutter” designed using readymade templates.
  • You want the freedom to make your book your way, without any restrictions on typefaces, layout, book size, binding, and number of photos. (Layout costs are not affected by the number of photos for your book.)
  • You want a project manager to take the time to consult with you about your project needs. We then offer guidance and suggestions based on our publishing expertise.
  • You receive a custom book publishing quote of services tailored to your project. Our custom quotes are easy to read and understand.
  • You benefit from real world book publishing and book marketing experience.
  • You value superior customer service and attention to detail—so crucial when you publish your own book.
  • You expect your book to be printed by world-class printers with state-of-the-art facilities to best meet your job requirements.
  • You want to work with project managers who are authors themselves—who have walked in your shoes and understand every aspect of book production and self publishing.

Our goal is to make your self publishing experience successful, easy, and fun. We look forward to hearing about your custom book publishing project.

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