Project Management

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From the start of your book publishing project, our project managers take the time to have a clear picture of your book, target audience, and goals. We can then better understand your needs, suggest production options to meet your timeline and your budget, and provide custom production quotes and financial analyses.

For us, successful project management in book publishing is all about:

  • choosing the right team of professionals for your particular project
  • keeping your project on schedule
  • keeping you informed of your project status on a timely basis
  • meeting and even surpassing your quality expectations
  • putting client satisfaction above all else

Once production begins, our project managers provide:

  • ongoing consultation about your book’s production
  • custom production schedule
  • production coordination
  • cookook writing tips
  • children’s book publishing tips
  • publishing forms filing information
  • copyright page setup

We looking forward to hearing all about your book. 

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