Children's Book Illustration

Children's book illustrations

Children’s book illustration needs to grab a child’s imagination and hold their interest. It also needs to bring the story to life.

Up until the age of around 8, illustrations play a major role in children’s books. As children get older and are able to read for themselves, the words take on more importance. Thus, illustrations become less  important to tell the story and can be smaller to make more room for text.

A lot of thought and planning goes into children’s book illustration, and it’s best to start working with an illustrator as early as possible in the story creation and writing phase.

Professional illustrators come in all price ranges and levels of experience. However, the defining factor in choosing an illustrator is drawing style. It’s important to identify which type of children’s book illustration style will be an emotional match to your subject. A story about a sweet bunny rabbit drawn in a scary scribbly style may not be the best combination!

If you don’t yet have an illustrator, Callawind can help you choose the right illustrator for your children’s book illustration.

A great resource to find artists for children’s book illustration is:

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