Book Marketing

Man communicating - Book marketing

Behind every successful book is an effective book marketing plan. Most book buyers visit retail or online bookstores to look for a specific book that they have read or heard about.

Central to any publicity campaign, an attention-grabbing press kit is sent to targeted media:

  • cover letter
  • press release
  • book excerpt or sample book
  • author bio
  • courtesy reply form
  • promo tie-in (optional; such as a bookmark)

Behind every successful book marketing plan is “the list”—an up-to-the-minute list of key contacts at newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. The better the list, the better the chance of your book review package landing on the right desk and being considered.

Besides publicity, other marketing strategies include:

  • Internet site
  • digital marketing (PPC campaigns, affiliate programs)
  • book launch
  • book signings
  • cooking demos
  • author readings
  • blog
  • social media
  • direct mail

Depending on your sales and distribution objectives, we can put together a professional book marketing plan to spread the good word about your book.

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