Book Distribution

Wholesale book distribution via truck transport

Location, location, location! It is crucial that your book is at the right place at the right time when a reader wants to purchase it.

The golden rule is that your book distribution plan needs be in place before you start marketing your book.

Wholesale book distribution

We work with an established book distribution network. As a result, the sales team will directly present your book to:

  • book wholesalers, retailers, and online sellers—all the industry’s most important decision-makers
  • non-bookstore specialty channels, such as gift stores, kitchen stores, museums, libraries, etc., as appropriate to your book

Your book can also be included in a seasonal catalog sent to large-scale retailers and wholesalers.

Book fulfillment

Taking orders, packing books, shipping orders out, and collecting invoices. This is a time-consuming activity that is best left to a dedicated service.

Our book fulfillment partner can provide:

  • toll free number
  • book warehousing
  • credit card transactions
  • online ordering from the company’s website
  • flexible shipping methods (couriers, mail service)
  • order confirmation and tracking info emailed to your customer

Selling through Amazon

Our book distribution network can also set you up to sell printed books on Amazon. Or you can choose to do the setup yourself. Amazon is the most trusted online book retailer, having paved the way many years ago.

Effective book distribution—along with the latest technology for print on demand and ebook distribution—will spell success for your book sales.

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